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MSFE is an association formed by a limited group of members with MSF experience. At the head of this group we find the Board of Directors elected at the General Assembly. If you are or have been MSF worker and want to be an associate member, continue reading.


MSF is what WE make of it from MSF International Asso on Vimeo.

When I first came to MSF, everyone kept telling me about "the association"... That sounded quite like an abstract concept to me. But what's behind it all? And how can I have a say in what MSF does? - A video for all MSFers around the world.

When I first came to MSF, everyone kept telling me about "the association"... That sounded quite like an abstract concept to me. But what's behind it all? And how can I have a say in what MSF does? - A video for all MSFers around the world.


If you have any doubt, contact us!

Who can be a MSF-E Associate Member?

Furthermore, MSF-E Associate members are obliged to pay the annual fee of: 48,00 euros (forty eight euros), charged to a valid credit card or active bank account in a Spanish National Bank or Building Society.

As for National Staff, the annual fee is of: 10, 00 dollars (or the equivalent in local currency) and can be paid in cash before the General Assembly or be sent by an expatriate or other field visitors (MSF staff)

Note: Only associate member who have their paid their annual fees, may vote at the General Assembly.

How and where can I apply or present my candidacy?

To be associate you must follow 3 steps:

- Fill in the Membership Form and have 2 people sign the form; (the must be active Associative Members and will be sponsoring your nomination)



The membership form is available in 3 languages:



ES / EN / FR

- Send the form correctly filled in and signed to the Associative Participation Unit (Unidad de Participación Asociativa (UPA) / Headquarter Office) by email: servicio.participacion@barcelona.msf.org Or by fax: (+34) 93 304 61 02 Or by mail: Att: UPA , C/ Nou de la Rambla, 26 Barcelona 08001 - Spain

- The requests received are presented at the monthly Board of Directors Meeting and considered by the BoD members.On the following BoD monthly meeting the request will be officially approved by the MSF-E BoD. After the BoD's decision, the Associative Participation Unit (UPA) will inform the new Associative member of the and will send them a MSF-E 'Welcome Kit', with basic information on the MSF-E Association.


What are the requirements to be an Associative Member?

To be associated with MSF-E, applying members must submit an application for admission, to be accepted or rejected by the Board of Directors, and meet the following requirements:
a.To be an adult and have full capacity to act.

b.To declare on their honour that they know, accept and respect the Foundation Deed, the Articles of MSF-E and its Rules, and that they will adjust their behaviour to the provisions thereof while they are members of MSF-E.

c.To be presented and personally guaranteed by two partners.

d.To prove compliance with at least one of the following circumstances:

- To have a minimum working experience of six months or have completed two separate contracts, as International Staff in an Operational Project of MSFE or of an institutional member of MSFI, all as provided for in the Third Additional Provision.

- To have a minimum experience of one year working as locally hired employee of MSF-E or of any Institutional Member of MSFI.

- To have a minimum experience of two years of unpaid work, as a volunteer or intern within MSF-E or any Institutional Member of MSFI.

- Exceptionally and in a reasoned way, the Board of Directors may waive this requirement for up to three people annually, with the absolute limit of 10% of partners.

e.Not to have been expelled from MSF-E, MSFI or any of its institutional members.

f.To have no criminal record. The Board of Directors may assess and decide on the application of this point when justifiable.

What Rights and Duties do the MSF-E Associative Members have?


When you become an Associate member, you join one of the MSF-E decision-making bodies and can made a difference to the organization’s future work by making use of certain existing mechanisms. This is your right.  At the same time, however, as an active member of the organisation you also have certain obligations.

Associative Member Rights

  • Attend General Assemblies (GAs) with the right to vote. Elect or be elected for positions of representation or management.
  • Participate in the governing and management of the Association, as well as its services and activities, in accordance with the rules of the statute.
  • Express anything you believe may contribute to us achieving our fundamental social aims more efficiently at the GA and before the BoD.
  • Demand and obtain explanations on the running and management of the BoD and heads of the organisation
  • Receive information on the activities of the Association

Associative Member Duties

  • Bring our work in line with the rules of the statute
  • Comply with agreements reached at the GA and the rules set out by the BoD to put agreements into practice
  • Pay the dues set before the ordinary annual GA Contribute as necessary to ensure that the Association works successfully
  • Be a member of working groups

The National Staff Association

An IC (International Council) resolution taken on December 2004 admitted the following:
The IC recognizes that most of MSF’s humanitarian and medical actions are carried out by national staff. It is essential that this reality be recognized by giving the opportunity, encouraging and facilitating the involvement of national staff in the Associative aspect of MSF. 

Since then, and following the motion presented that same year requesting that National Staff should pay a reduced fee, the Spanish based workforce can become an MSF-E associate freely - having the same rights, duties and benefits as all other Associative members. 

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