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As expressed in its founding Charter, Mèdecins Sans Frontières was created by a group of people with a shared purpose and ideas about how humanitarian work should be carried out. Decades later, this associative identity is still at the heart of MSF, although the organisation has by now expanded to 21 sections, 12 branch offices and 24 associations.

The associative structure means that it is the Assembly of association members that decides what and how MSF should be. The Assembly votes to elect its representatives, the Board

of Directors, whose task is to ensure the Executive functions correctly and to approve the strategic and annual plans.

Do you want to be part of the association?

MSF is a living movement.

MSF is what we make of it.


What does it mean to be a member?

As a member you can:

Contribute to the effective functioning of MSF
You can elect others or be elected to the Board of Directors and/or President of MSF Spain, representatives at the International Assembly and/or President of MSF Spain. You can also take part in working groups on topics of relevance to MSF.

Actively support Accountability
You can ask for and receive explanations at the General Assembly and at meetings of the Board of Directors about the administration and management of the Board and MSF Spain.

Learn more, participate and spread the word
You can use the spaces available to you to learn more about MSF’s activities, take part in a variety of events throughout the year and tell others, inside and outside the organisation, about MSF’s work. You can also use the associative website, àbá and ‘Asociativo MSFE’ Facebook group to communicate with other association members.

And you will have duties too:

Attend and take part in the General Assembly
As a member, you are expected to attend and participate at a General Assembly at least once every three years. Even if you can’t attend in person, its easy to take part ,as it is livestreamed via internet, so you can follow the proceedings online and easily cast your vote.

Pay the annual membership fee
The annual membership fee is 10€ (or the equivalent). The first payment is made the month after you become a member and after that once a year during the same month. If you are a field staff member, you can pay through your mission’s ACMA.

Act in accordance with the aims of MSF
You may not make any public statements, whether or not they support the interests of MSF, unless you have specific authorisation from the organisation. You will also need to inform MSF of any conflict of interest, whether direct or indirect, in relation to the organisation.



Anyone can become a member of MSF Spain / OCBA association if they meet the criteria, submit the applica- tion and are accepted.

You should meet at least one of the following conditions:

1. Have completed at least six months’ employment or two separate contracts as MSF’s international staff.

2. Have worked for at least one year as a locally employed staff (either as national staff or at MSF headquarters).

3. Have a minimum of two years’ unpaid experience as a volunteer or student intern.

You have more information on the members requirements, duties and rights at the MSF Spain Statutes.


How to be a member?

You have to follow three steps:

1. Fill in the Membership Form and have 2 people sign the form; (the must be active Associative Members and will be sponsoring your nomination)

The form is available in three languages: Spanish / English / French

2. Send the form correctly filled in and signed to the Associative Participation Unit (Unidad de Participación Asociativa (UPA) / Headquarter Office) by email: or by postal mail: Att: UPA , C/ Zamora 54 Barcelona 08005 - Spain

3. The requests received are presented at the monthly Board of Directors Meeting and considered by the BoD members. On the following BoD monthly meeting the request will be officially approved by the MSF-E BoD. After the BoD's decision, the Associative Participation Unit (UPA) will inform the new Associative member of the and will send them a MSF-E 'Welcome Kit', with basic information on the MSF-E Association.

Related info: Download the presentation leaflet "The MSF Spain / OCBA association"

How does the association works?

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